Here’s a statement from our new chairman, Andrew Nally, who takes the helm following the departure of David Hilton this week.

”It is a great honour for me to say that I am the new chairman of Ilkeston Town Football Club and to say that I am excited is an understatement.

“I would like to start by wishing my best friend, business partner and departing chairman, David, all the best with his new venture in football. Good luck, mate!

“Since we acquired the club back in 2019, then as silent investors, David and I have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver a business plan which brings business sustainability, whilst delivering an exciting playing squad, playing in an environment we can all be proud of. This business plan remains unchanged.

“I know David and myself often remark how much the place has changed since our first day at the club and Mark Frost frequently reminds us with photos of the NMG and the transformation we have delivered. I am pleased to say that Mark will continue to deliver our business plan on a daily basis and also to develop ties in our community.

“Ilkeston “Town” is a community club for the amazing people of Ilkeston and long may that continue.

“I used to love my daily chats with Vince Fletcher talking about what he loved the most, our football club, a club I have come to love and adore with a passion I have never felt before.

“I am really looking forward to meeting new acquaintances and making new friends and just because I hold the title of Ilkeston Town chairman does not mean that I am going to change as a person. I am open and friendly and will always make time for a chat.

“I have recently read some comments regarding David leaving the football club, but David owning a larger club can only be of a benefit for Ilkeston Town. David will remain my critical friend and business partner in other ventures. I also have a clear vision and ideas that I would like to deliver for our club that further substantiates our already strong business plan.

“I have also seen supporters asking about the stadium and car park development. The stadium development was shelved back in early 2022. This was due to a few factors, namely the rising cost of steel which has more than trebled, our local authority simply not supporting our plans which was disappointing, and the fact our ambitious plans were probably more appropriate for when we have risen up the league pyramid. Like I say, the plans are shelved and not cancelled.

“Let me reassure you this is such an exciting time to be a Robins supporter and I cannot wait to get going.

“Up the Ilson”