How have you found the first part of the season with ITFC? 


It’s been brilliant and I’ve really enjoyed it. This is the first season where I’ve settled into a club and it helps that we’ve hit the ground running with some good league results and a great cup run.  


What is your favourite new addition/change at the NMG? 

One of my favourite additions is definitely the new dugouts. They are so professional but hopefully I can return to training after a month off and be fit and ready and I’ll be out on the pitch instead.  

Who would you say has the best banter in the changing room? 

The best banter definitely belongs to Nathan Watson, followed by Jack Thomas as a close second.  


 Who is the most upset after a defeat? 

It would have to be the gaffer 100 per cent. He hates losing and I would hate to see what he’s like for the next few days after a loss 


What’s your most memorable moment as a player? 

The most memorable moment for me as a player would definitely be playing and scoring against Chesterfield in the FA Trophy during my time at Basford, but the game this season against Hartlepool is definitely up there but for the wrong reasons.  


What was it like scoring on your competitive debut for Ilkeston? 

I enjoy every goal I score no matter who it’s against but obviously, my first goal for this club was very special and I like to score all types of goals so hopefully, there’s plenty more to come. 


 Who is the DJ in the changing room? 

Fents Is the DJ and comes out with a few decent tunes. I know Olly Brown-Hill is a big fan of them because all I see on a matchday is his head bobbing up and down featuring a toe tap to go with it


What team do you support? 

I support Liverpool, all of my family does. It was my dad that started me off as a Liverpool fan but my grandad took me to a few Derby games as a kid. But I know which was the right decision to stick with.


Best memory with that club? 

My best memory as a Liverpool fan would definitely be winning the Premier League. I’ve always been called a glory supporter but without much glory so that was nice.  

What player did you look up to as a kid? 

Fernando Torres. Just everything about his game was flawless as he had a different style, was very international and was a real goal scoring machine.


Do you have a superstition or something you do before every game? 

I don’t have any superstitions at all to be honest, I just like to stay focused and concentrate on my own game and how I can get the best out of my own performance.


What is the most memorable game you’ve played in? 

The most memorable game for me was probably when I was at Derby Academy and we played Man City. We 

beat them when they had the likes of Phil Foden and Jadon Sancho playing, the quality of their side was unreal.  


Who is the best player you’ve played with? 

-The best player I’ve played with is probably Nat Watson. Just how quick his feet are and I know if he gets the ball he can find me with ease. I mean I have enjoyed chasing Trokey’s flick on over the last couple of months but I’d say Nat.  

Who is the best player you’ve played against? 

The best player I have played against is Jadon Sancho. It’s just how aggressive he is with the ball and that his first thought is always to go forward.  


What aims do you have for the rest of the season? 

The aim for the rest of the season has to be promotion whether that be through the playoffs or winning the league with the side we’ve got there’s too much quality not to be in with a chance.